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Senior Software Engineer



Arcadia is building a team to increase the efficiency of its data ingestion pipeline. If concepts such as green field developmentbig datastream processingDevOpsparanoid security, and team building are attractive to you, read on! 


We collect electronic health record (EHR) data from medical providers, such as doctors and hospitals, and billing data from those and insurance companies to create a unified health record across multiple providers for the purposes of studying patient population health.

More simply, we process a high volume, velocity, and variety of valuable data in order to build amazing visualizations and easily-consumed reports that help doctors make better decisions about their patients' preventative, maintenance, and emergency care, driving down costs and enabling better patient outcomes.


Even more simply, we help doctors tell patients how they can be healthier and how they can get better when they’re sick by enabling those doctors to see a patient’s record with every doctor they see.


  • Work/life balance
    • 10 company holidays
    • Flexible vacation scheduling
    • Pet-friendly offices for friendly, well-mannered dogs
    • Remote-friendly
  • Health benefits
    • Full suite of medical plans including a high-deducible health plan with company HSA contribution
    • Vision and dental plans
  • Financial benefits
    • 401(k) plan with a company match
    • Company-paid life and disability benefits
    • Tuition reimbursement program
    • Gym membership assistance program
  • Things developers care about
    • Your choice of an Apple Macbook Pro or Microsoft Windows or Ubuntu Linux on our standard issue PC, root/admin access regardless
    • Tech conferences
      • Time off for any any approved conference
      • Travel and registration reimbursement for approved conferences
      • Full reimbursement when speaking while representing Arcadia

Team-specific Details


Folks presently on this team prefer development on Apple Macbook Pro laptops. We can accomodate Microsoft Windows on Arcadia's standard-issue PC laptop, as well. Alternatively, we permit use of any Linux distribution that can comply with our security requirements.


Travel and homebase expectations

  • This position is targeted for the Greater Pittsburgh area. Relocation is expected with reasonable assistance available.
  • This position and all positions on this particular team are considered remote positions but do have an expectation of group office hours at least one day per week.
    • Applicants are expected to reside within tolerable commute distance of our Pittsburgh office.
      • What constitutes "tolerable" is up to you, but…
      • We consider "tolerable" to be a distance that you could travel if your presence was required in the office every day for an extended period of time.
  • Our Pittsburgh-area office is in a brand-new building in Green Tree, seconds off of I-376 and the 38 bus route.
  • Infrequent travel to other offices and to conferences may be required.

Tech stack

As a new team within the company, our technologies are not yet established. Those on the team lean toward JVM languages, especially Scala and Ruby, and Rust. We're open-minded and consider the right tool for the job based on its merits while considering its popularity, ease of hiring, and room for contributions to the state of the art in the ecosystem.

We consider these technologies, languages, frameworks, etc. to be a part of our potential stack:

  • Scala ecosystem (Play!, Akka, Scalatra, Socko, Scala.js)
  • Rust ecosystem (Tokio, Cargo)

Other things we'll be working with include Amazon Web Services, Apache Mesos, Apache Nifi, Docker, Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian JIRA, Github, GNU Privacy Guard PGP, and more. The software this team writes will be deployed on Microsoft Windows and a variety of Linux distributions, so experience with either or both is valuable.


You own the implementation of a cloud-based remote agent administration system and you will contribute to the on-premises software that it administers.


You'll need to be comfortable:

  • challenging architectural design decisions
  • tweaking the performance of the high-velocity status endpoint where minutes down means potential data loss
  • having pager duty while also being the person of last resort when you are not on-call
  • teaching everything you know to junior engineers and senior engineers alike


We expect familiarity with:

  • Object-oriented and functional programming
  • Unit, integration, and regression testing
  • One of the following: Scala, C#, Ruby, Java, or Rust programming languages

We'd love a candidate with familiarity with any or all of the following:

  • Modern build tools such as SBT and Gradle
  • JVM in production, especially applications written in Scala or Java
  • Scala programming language
  • Reactive programming
  • Remote work best practices
  • SEI architectural strategies
  • Command and control strategies
  • Pair programming
  • "Agile" development
  • Working in a HIPPA-regulated environment

Things you could be interested in:

  • Rust programming language
  • Using the right technology even if it's an old technology
  • Taking risks to use new technology
  • Managing people eventually


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